Monday, September 20, 2010

Alikaraw and the Universe

Tribu Alikaraw's Grand Float  at the Aliwan Fiesta Grand Mardi Gras

Tribu Alikaraw in Independence Day 2007

      Alikaraw stands for movement, progress, and fluidity. It applies to anything that interacts, cooperates, or anything that acts and works together as one. Alikaraw festival believes that the universe and nature are intermingled with various lives and it is worthy of the deepest religious reverence. Understanding them, appreciating their beauty and magnificence, and preserving nature, is the central focus of the lives of the people behind Alikaraw. This is the only festival that upholds true celebration of live as it provide a sense of positive belonging to nature, God creator and the Universe.

Dancers made their chanting lively 
    Before the introduction of Christianity in the pagan Filipino communities, nearly everyone feels religious feelings when looking at nature or the wide sky. Most of them explain those feelings in terms the religion they adapt. Thus, Alikaraw choose to respect the universe with awe, reverence, exquisiteness, and mystery. This becomes an aesthetic, social and emotional growth that unifies the community as they praise life and nature.

Dancers still have the energy to smile while street dancing

     Most importantly, Alikaraw have faith to man, nature and its creator.As they respect nature and universe, they also respect His eminence, God, the creator of heaven and earth. The visions are right in front of their eyes, and the feelings are in their hearts. Through beats, music yells, they recognize and humbly accept the universe and nature as life itself.

Tribu Alikaraw painted the streets green

    Unlike other festivals and rituals, Alikaraw goes beyond conversion of pagans to Christians in offering a positive approach to the world and a reverent and religious attitude towards mankind. It affirms their unity with the Creator if the entire universe, and rejects the idea of human mastery over nature or human preeminence in the cosmos. It takes their relationship to nature, to God and to the universe as the center of their faith, their ethics and their aesthetics.

A wonderful formation with their colorful costumes marveled the crowd

 Tribu Alilkaraw at the Aliwan Fiesta 2008

"If we cannot love nature and its creator, then we cannot love ourselves as we are."